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Ms. Aparna Saxena  (Tech Mahindra)

Dr. Neel is an amazing doctor. He understood my issues very quickly. Services are wonderful which I cannot hope anywhere else. I always wanted gentle handling of my gums and teeth as they were very sensitive and weak. I feel blessed that I have come to the right place.

Thanks a lot for giving me awesome treatment!

Mrs. Sangita Yadav  (Practo)

Complete clarity about the treatment along with educating them about maintaining the Oral Health, makes the patient more confident and comfortable.

Mr. M. Patil  (Atlas Copco)

Dr.Neel Bhatavedekar is a very caring, communicative & knowledgeable Doctor. I have found him excellent for my dental care.

Michael Kreig

A dear patient of ours from Germany/New Zealand. Things like this make our day !

"As a smoker and a rare dentist visitor over more than half of my life, but today with quite some periodontics issues running the mid-age I visited Dr. Neel Bhatavadekar on my own internet search. I needed a Periodontics Specialist and with him I found a, better THE real good and nice one!

We had quite some sessions so far. After initial scalping & cleaning we had a root canal treatment. For this he brought a specialist (he has a good network I believe), not doing it himself since not of his main competence and scope. This was the first very positive experience to me not to show up as the hero who can do it all but knowing clearly where he is god in and where others are better in. We then had together a flap procedure with bone grafting around the moving root canal treated tooth and little time later a gum graft procedure in almost all areas in one session, and here it comes!

Neel explained the whole mission very well from the beginning, underplayed it with past realized photos (before-after) using them for teaching. During his surgeries I could see that he was completely in to it, well concentrated and well-focused knowing obviously very well what he is doing. Around the “job” itself he cares very well for his patients, he calls even weekends to see how you are.

To summarize it: I like Dr. Neel Bhatavadekar a lot for being very clear communication, surely well experienced and a very warm-hearted guy. He assures you of no pain and makes you really feeling comfortable even at most uncomfortable procedures!!! He would be MY dentist for life if I wouldn’t leave India soon. By the way, the bone grafted and root canal treated corner-tooth moves daily less and less, long years infection is gone and another one tooth to come to get happily treated.

Neel managed to take my long years fear of visiting dentists which I had for some reasons since young age. I can’t say I enjoy visiting dentists now (there other pleasures too, right?) , but in a way I do very much enjoy to see Neel. Dr. Neel Bhatavadekar is doing an extremely good and specialized job on periodontics issues and with great social care, creating a very comfortable atmosphere and so I will always for 110% recommend him. Best regards, Michael"

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