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How to get over the fear of visiting a Dentist/ Getting a Dental Implant

A study supports that around 20-25% individuals are scared of going to a dentist. It is a common problem experienced by children and adults alike. What we commonly term as a dental anxiety or dentist phobia is somewhat disturbing to all but it could be disabling to some. It can cause some people to avoid going to a dentist altogether even if there is a necessary situation at hand.

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Here are five tips which would help you get over your dental anxiety:

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1. Getting sufficient information: It is very important that you choose a dentist who acknowledges your anxiety. Even a little comfort from the dentist might make a huge difference. Always make sure that the dentist you are going to is qualified for the kind of treatment you are aspiring. May that be a dental implant or a normal check-up, it is very important to trust your dentist.

2. Talk to your doctor: After you are sure about the dentist that you want to go to, make an appointment just to talk with your doctor about your treatment. You can use this time to carefully process the information that he would be giving regarding your treatment. Make sure you ask him all the doubts regarding any pain, aftercare, duration, etc.

3. Get used to the tools: Dental anxiety is mostly because of a sense of not being in control. Take some time out to get accustomed to the tools that will be used. Ask about the kind of anaesthesia that would be used. Most importantly make sure that your mind is ready for all the tools that would be used on your teeth.

4. Techniques for relaxation: All kinds of anxiety feed on your fears. Use some basic relaxation techniques like breathing slowly, (not deeply) to help control your breathing and increased heartbeats.

5. Distraction: A lot of patients with dental anxiety have informed that some kind of distraction is a great help to get over the fear. You can carry your headphones with you during the treatment to play some soothing music you like. Inform your doctor about such kind of arrangement.

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Thinking about dentist appointments is always accompanied with a shrill drilling noise of the dental tools. Such scary pounding thoughts might lead to increase in your phobia. But it is important to know that technology has rendered such tools redundant and modern tools are more suited to your comforts. Furthermore, always take proper dental care. There goes the old saying, “Precaution is better than cure”.

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